I find myself programming mobile and desktop applications for my own project ideas when I'm not consulting or developing websites for clients. Coding is a passion of mine, as strong as painting is for an artist. Using the proper programming languages and development tools, I can create any web / mobile / multimedia app I desire. I see programming as the ultimate tool for creative interests. Editing old monochrome video game code on my Apple IIe at a young age helped to kickstart my interest.


I have twenty years experience in programming. I've quickly been promoted to lead development positions for every company that has hired me as a full time employee. I've given Web programming seminars and presentations, volunteered at colleges/non-profits, tutored children, the elderly, and trained managment as well as skilled developers. I enjoy consulting with companies to render more efficient software solutions for their specific business and website.

Programming Languages, Website & Mobile Technologies

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HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript programming

HTML 5, CSS 3, & JS

These three are all vital for development on the web. I use HTML for element structure, CSS for styles, and JavaScript (with libraries like jQuery) for client-side effects and functions.

LAMP, PHP, MySQL database programming


A LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) environment is common for dynamic pages, security, form processing, user tracking, databases and more, all on the server-side.

Native Mobile Android & iOS, PhoneGap

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications can be either websites programmed to run in a browser or native to the device O.S. by using (for example) Java/Eclipse for Android or Objective C/Xcode for iOS.

Browser versions, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization & Marketing


Does your current web site render and function on all browsers (and versions of each)? Are you taking advantage of the numerous, free social media advertising sites available? How does your site rank within the search engines?

Content Management Systems like Wordpress

Content Mgt.

If you can browse the Internet, have the time, and a tad bit of computer savvy, then a Content Management System may be the most cost-effective solution.

Integrated Development Environments, frameworks, plugins, & other software tools.

IDEs & Frameworks

It pays to continually research Integrated Development Environments, frameworks, plugins and other software tools. These often force proper coding style, steamline the development process, grant the ability to quickly add/change certain features & even save time.

Multimedia Skills

Audio hardware & software tools

Audio/Music Sampling, Mixing & Editing

The benefits of sound in applications...

Adding audio to your application can have dramatic effects on the perception received by the user about your application as a whole. It can intrigue the user to the point of purchase or annoy them to the point of closing your app. Audio can help guide users through your website or mobile app, or can be used as a call to action. It can also help users learn more about your products & services. Many simply don't have the resources to find or record proper audio. Others encounter frustrating file size/type issues and load time constraints. Knowing the benefits and limits will help you to use music & audio samples successfully.

Graphics: design methods, file types, resolutions, sizes, & more

Graphics, Videos & Animations

The importance of design specs & preparation...

Graphics are vital for nearly every project. Ask yourself a few questions: Are you using the most appropriate file formats for the job? Is your application for web or print or both? Does it need to render properly on mobile devices or just desktops? Is it running in a browser? If so, which browsers support your process? Are you doing video or animations with HTML5, Flash, animated GIFs or recording to a movie file using Premeire that you plan to embed or even stream from other locations? Does your process support the proper distribution media? Does the software fully support the end goal? Do your developers have basic design knowledge and the tools to make basic graphical/video changes? These are just a few important considerations. I can tell you from experience that time and money can be easily wasted without proper preparation and communication among managers, designers & developers in regards to graphics and video.