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Social Networking

You have to be Social to Succeed!

by D1J1T — in Management — Updated: Feb 23, 2014 at 9:40 am

Though I have established accounts with many social networks, I personally don't keep up with them. In fact I find that they waste a lot of my time when I actually attempt to keep them updated. So why should your company bother with social networking?

Popularity, More Exposure, & Search Engines

Given the time, I would keep up with them. I recognize the fact that I could use a dedicated employee to take care of updating the social networks daily, not just Facebook, Twitter, and the big ones, but even local, city-specific sites. Two reasons are obvious. First, my site will get more exposure, but perhaps more importantly, the search engines will pick up on posts/traffic associated with social sites. By updating your website and your social network pages regularly, your traffic will exceed the competition that choses not to update both.

For fear of stating the obvious, not just the search engine bots, but people will follow links. The more networks you can get involved with (and frequently post/update), the greater the chance of someone finding your site. It's that simple.

It's also quite easy to setup a profile for most social networks. The main point I need to make is that it's important to not just setup a profile and never visit the site again, but you should update and post articles occasionally at least.

I've seen proof, in real time, of an update on a social network being made, and then indexed rapidly in Google minutes later. The same applies to blog posts and website page updates. The more that you post, the more that your site is updated, the higher you will rank within the search engines compared to a similar site that doesn't.

If you find these articles to be helpful, I could always use another cup of coffee! Social media likes/+1s are also much appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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