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SQL (Structured Query Language)

Let's Talk to a Database!

by D1J1T — in MySQL — Updated: Mar 1, 2014 at 9:41 am

The goal of the article is to provide a simple overview of the features of SQL.

*** If you are new to programming and your goal is to learn this language, I'd recommend learning HTML first. SQL is often used in a web page in conjunction with several other languages, the least of which is HTML. A scripting language like PHP, ASP, or JSP is also used to deliver SQL code to and from a database. Though the syntax may be simple, the implementation requires other skills. ***

SQL is a language (and an ANSI standard) used to access relational databases. It uses a server-side scripting language like PHP, ASP, JSP to communicate with a database such as MySQL, SQL Server, or MS Access.

Main SQL Functions

These include:
  • DROP
* Note: Many more functions are available, operators (AND, OR, LIKE), keywords (DISTINCT, WHERE, JOIN), I list only the most common and basic in this overview.
SQL is vital for programs (web scripts) to communicate with a database on a web server. It delivers the basic functions listed above via the server to the database and allows the scripting language to execute or display results.
SQL can create database tables and populate them with data. In conjunction with a server-side scripting language, SQL can display data on a web page based on relevant conditions delivered by a script.

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