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Recent Projects

Silks In The Villages

The galleries for this fully responsive mobile-friendly site not only include smooth jQuery fading & zooming effects and a lightbox popup with an auto slideshow (as well as manual navigation options), but they also include CSS3 media queries that will auto-adjust the number of columns that are displayed and will shift the images into a compact rectangular puzzle-piece style layout. (Some of the galleries on this site ( also use similar effects. The galleries on this page are another example.)

Languages/Technologies Used: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, less framework, media queries, JavaScript, jQuery, Photoshop for image creation/manipulation & and batch processing of images (6 sizes for each gallery image), server DNS & hosting setup, technical writing, minor SEO

  • Silks In The Villages: Desktop Version
  • Silks In The Villages: Tablet Portrait Version
  • Silks In The Villages: Gallery Tablet Portrait Version

Thinking Maps

I was tasked with implementing new designs for a couple of pages. These had to be fully responsive & mobile-friendly and had to have a magazine style layout. The navigation had to change depending on the device, while still remaining static on the top of the browser window. Images (some are semi-transparent) had to size up/down differently. Certain content areas had to change positions/styles depending.

Languages/Technologies Used: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, less framework, many media queries, heavy on JavaScript/jQuery, Photoshop, Illustrator

  • Thinking Maps Home Page: Desktop Version
  • Thinking Maps Home Page w/Navigation Popped Out: Tablet Portrait Version
  • Thinking Maps Community Learning Page: Desktop Version

A Vinyl Works

This small business desired several specific versions of applications including a desktop website, a specific mobile website with a subdomain, a native iOS application & a native Android website wrapper version. I also implemented a 3D JavaScript gallery for the desktop version.

Languages/Technologies Used: HTML5, CSS3, Java, Objective C, SkeletonJS, media queries, heavy on JavaScript/jQuery, Photoshop, Eclipse, XCode

  • A Vinyl Works 3D Gallery Page: Desktop Version
  • A Vinyl Works Home Page: Mobile Subdomain Desktop Version
  • A Vinyl Works Gallery: Native iOS Application

Other Recent Projects

Enlarge each image below for more specific information. Languages/Technologies Used: (Varies depending on which of the following projects. This list includes all.) HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, CakePHP, eCommerce, Paypal, Java, JDBC, Laravel, ImageMagik, LAMP, CentOS install/setup, Composer, Tortoise SVN, Putty, Homestead, VirtuaBox, HTTPD vhosts, DNS, subdomains, & hosting management, less framework, Flash, curl, git, phpMyAdmin, Symfony Illuminate, PHP artisan, Homestead, Jasper Reports, SkeletonJS, media queries, Kendo, JavaScript, jQuery, StealJS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Eclipse, XCode, etc.

  • MapCo: Custom Administrative Mapping System (w/ Green Light Coding)
  • MET Art: Artist Portfolio Website
  • Creekside Equestrian Center: Major Website Updates / Re-structuring, Graphics, Flash animations
  • Dollar Saving Dinners: eCommerce, CakePHP User System, Graphics, Custom Administrative Tools
  • One Body One Book: Non-profit Theologian User Projects Website
  • CAMGA: Claims Risk Analysis Reporting System Involving Many Languages & Technologies